Services are performed with state of the art computers and tools. We have upgraded state of the art equipment to diagnose any  problems your car may have. We use only the newest and best tools on all vehicle specified models to keep the engine components well maintained. We use state of the art techniques to the specified makes and models as all of our technicians are ASE certified and trained. Below are just a few  of the many services ROAD DAWGZ can provide.


  • Axles
  • Engines
  • Electrical
  • Tune Ups
  • Rear Ends
  • Part Sales
  • Oil Changes


  • Roof Repairs
  • Brake Repair
  • Floor Repairs
  • Transmissions
  • Wheels & Tires
  • Air Conditioning
  • General Maintenance


Engine tune ups are very important in extending the life of an engine. We have state of the art tools and scanners to get the job done. Engine tune ups include installation of new plugs and wires or coils.


Air filters and pcv valves are another part of the tune up. In order  keep the throttle body and fuel injectors clean we will change filters and clean and check pvc valves for replacement if needed.


Another important part of the tune up that most shops overlook is throttle body cleaning. Cleaning the throttle body is important to keep the correct airflow circulating through the engine thus improving gas economy and smoothing a rough or stalling idle. Our services include deep cleansing of the throttle body and replacing gaskets if needed to insure no vacuum leaks are present.

We also provide advanced top and bottom end engine rebuilding including timing components, engine swaps, and transmission swaps.


Brakes are important on the vehicle for obvious reasons, they stop your vehicle. Our service includes changing the brakes from front to back, either disk or drum. We also provide a guaranteed installation from a well trained certified technician who will fully inspect brake rotors for wear as well as calipers and  brake hoses for leaks. We also specialize in inspecting and repairing if needed ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearing and much more.


We can inspect and replace as needed most any part on a car or truck. We are well trained and specialize in all makes and models.. We can replace parts bumper to bumper and if we can't we will recommend a shop that can. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.


We can diagnose almost any problems with your vehicle with our  state of the art computers and scanners. From fuel delivery to electronics as well as any other problems you encounter, we will do our best to get you safely back on the road. Please call us today for a quote.